Our Services


IMES provides comprehensive medical editing and reviewing services:

  • Review and revision of spelling, grammar and syntax
  • Critique of scientific content, methods, results and discussion

  • Construction or revision of graphs, illustrations and figures for clarity and design

  • Verification of literature references

  • Recommendations for journals suited to the authors’ research

  • Formatting of articles according to journals’ guidelines

  • Word reduction as needed to meet journal requirements
  • Revisions in response to the recommendations of journal reviewers. We will work collaboratively with you until the  paper is published. 

We have learned that all papers, even those written by established investigators, benefit from an objective, thorough review—proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing.  So, that’s what we give all manuscripts we receive.


All our edits are marked as “track changes” in Microsoft Word, so you will see all changes our editors have recommended.  Editors will often ask your opinion, through comments on the margin of your document, about possible revisions advised; we strive never to disturb or alter the intent of your writing.