About Our Editors


Get to Know Our Editing and Consulting Staff

The IMES (International Medical Editing Service) editing staff is composed of highly trained, experienced, and well-published specialists in a range of basic and clinical research activities. These experts provide comprehensive reviews of the authors’ manuscripts, with a critical assessment of study design, statistical methods, organization, stylistic presentation, and literature review.


Our Basic and Clinical Specialties

You can rely on our editing team to work on research papers about the following subject matters:

  • Molecular Biology

  • Cellular Biology

  • Clinical Epidemiology

  • Clinical Trial Design

  • Biostatistical Analysis

  • Computerized Testing Methods

  • General Internal Medicine

  • General Surgery

  • Genetics

  • Hepatology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Oncology

  • Pharmacology

  • Endocrinology

  • Histopathology

  • Clinical Imaging Methods

Our Founder

The company was founded and is directed by William R. Brown, M.D. He is the Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Formerly, Dr. Brown was the head of the School’s Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

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His Areas of Special Expertise

  • Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology and Diseases
  • Liver and Biliary Tract Pathophysiology and Diseases
  • Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Diagnostic Studies
  • Gastrointestinal Malignancies
  • Malabsorptive and Nutritional Diseases
  • Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  • Chronic Abdominal Pain Disorders
  • Immunological and Infectious Diseases
  • Clinical Trials and Translational Research
  • Gastrointestinal Surgery

His Experience

Dr. Brown has more than 45 years of experience in medical education and writing, as well as clinical and basic research. He worked as an editor, editorial board member, and reviewer for major medical journals and books. His overall experience in this field has allowed him to have more than 150 of his peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and reviews published.

His Editorial and Reviewer Positions

  • “Gastroenterology”, Editorial Board Member

  • “Viewpoints on Digestive Diseases”, Editor

  • “Gastroenterology Annual”, Chapter Editor

  • “Journal of Digestive Disease”, Editorial Board Member

  • “Gastroenterology, American Journal of Gastroenterology, Gut, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Hepatology, Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of Digestive Diseases, Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology”, Reviewer

Our Editors


Min Yao, MD, MPH

Dr. Yao graduated from Fudan University School of Medicine in China and Boston University School of Public Health. He specializes in clinical research methodology, multi-center randomized clinical trials, data management, and statistical analysis. He is a vice president for clinical research for Bliss Biopharmaceutical Co., a start-up firm that is investigating an ADC:HER2 antibody + eribulin in a phase I escalation and cohort expansion clinical trial at the University of California San Francisco and two cancer hospitals in China. 


Motowo Mizuno, MD. PhD.

Dr. Mizuno received his MD degree from Okayama University Medical School and his Ph.D. degree from Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine and Dentistry, in Japan. He specializes in gastroenterology and gastrointestinal endoscopy. His group revealed for the first time that eradication of Helicobacter pylori reduces the gastric cancer risk. His current position is vice president of Kurashiki Central Hospital and clinical professor of medicine, Okayama University Medical School. 


Alvaro Martinez-Camacho, M.D. - Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine and Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO.

Dr. Martinez-Camacho received his MD degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine. He completed his advanced training in liver diseases and liver transplantation at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where he is an associate professor of medicine, and the Baylor College of Medicine. This education and training have made him a highly knowledgeable, experienced, and respected hepatologist. He manages the care of patients with acute and chronic viral hepatitis, metabolic and genetic liver diseases, and liver transplantation.


Zhihua Ran, M.D. Ph.D. Professor of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine; Director, Shanghai Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Center; Associate Director, Department of Gastroenterology, Ren Ji Hospital; Associate Director, Shanghai Institute of Digestive Disease; Executive Editor, Journal of Digestive Diseases

Professor Ran is internationally recognized in research and clinical aspects of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and a Master’s Degree in Gastroenterology from Shanghai Second Medical University. He also has a doctoral degree in medicine from the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg University, Germany. He is the director of the Shanghai Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Center and co-founder and president of the Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa Inflammatory Bowel Disease Consortium.  


Jennifer Brown, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases Division, University of California Davis School of Medicine, Sacramento CA

Dr. Brown received her M.D. degree from the University of California Davis Medical School. She conducted basic research in the Department of Molecular Biology of the University of Southern California and at the National Centers for Infectious Diseases of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

She has received clinical fellowship training in medical toxicology and infectious diseases. She was also given a certification in internal medicine and infectious diseases by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Her major clinic emphasis leans toward the care of patients with AIDS, its related illnesses, and of organ-transplant recipients.


Angela Keniston, MSPH. Data and Analytics Manager and Instructor, Division of Hospital Medicine, University of Colorado, Denver CO

Ms. Keniston received her MSPH degree from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She is a member of the Colorado Public Health Association, the Denver Health Research Staff Forum, and the Denver Health Biostatics Working Group. She is exceptionally talented and experienced in clinical research design, execution, and outcome evaluation.


Geoff Chambers, Ph.D. Research and Teaching Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand, and Visiting Professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang

Dr. Chambers is an authority in the fields of evolution, genetics, and molecular biology. He is focused on the development and application of methods to measure genetic variability in populations.

His current work highlights the use of polymerase chain reaction in the catalyzed amplification of target genes, DNA sequencing, and microsatellite DNA genotyping analyses in the following:

  • Forensic Science

  • Human Disease Diagnosis

  • Wildlife Conservation


Charles J. Bedord, Ph.D. Freelance Medical Editor/Writer

Dr. Bedord has a B.S. degree in political science and a Ph.D. in biochemistry. He has led cross-functional project teams in the completion of discovery research projects, pre-clinical studies, and clinical studies needed for the approval of new pharmaceutical drugs used in a wide range of therapeutic areas. He has published papers in peer-reviewed journals and edited more than 1500 manuscripts written by non-native English-speaking scientists and MDs. Charles has also served as manuscript reviewer for several scientific/medical journals.


Colleen Walacavage, MA, CPhT.
Editor/Owner of CW Editing Service, LLC, Burke, VA

Ms. Walacavage holds an MA degree in English (Professional Writing and Editing) from George Mason University and a BA in Policy and Management Studies from Dickinson College as well as having been a certified pharmacy technician. She is the sole proprietor and chief editor of CW Editing Service, which provides professional editing and writing services to businesses and individuals in the fields of healthcare, medicine, and education. She is the copy editor and proofreader in reference citation and formatting for IMES.

Colleen recently received the prestigious ELS certification from the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS).


Ms. Roxanne Andrieux

Ms. Andrieux is the business manager of our company. She can be reached on Whatsapp +33-66016-3794  or WeChat ID "globalideation".